Website Development

Website development at MATEL Software takes many forms. It can be something as simple as developing the code for a basic website or something as complex as creating a complete content management system for your corporate web portal. In between there is website integration, reservation system integration or a complete hotel management system integration.

Using the latest website development platforms and technologies currently in use, our website developers craft a website that is complete in all aspects. For us, the development process starts with the most comprehensive study of our clients’ requirements and ends only when all of those requirements have been fulfilled to the minutest detail.

As developers of the exceptional internet based eZee Reservation Engine, eZee Centrix Channel Management system and eZee Foodie food-ordering system, we know exactly what goes into developing a highly effective and efficient internet program. Every website, CMS, or online contact system developed by MATEL and eZee is a work of perfection.

Our developers know the inside out of website development and have an inherent understanding of the dynamics of hotel management. So they are able to develop your website in a manner that perfectly suits your particular property.

Of course, ease-of-use, crisp process flows, and precisely developed web systems are hallmarks of our website development services. Talk to us today to understand how we can develop the most efficient and profitable website for your property; whether you have an existing website or want us to develop one from scratch, we can work wonders.