Website Design

If your hotel already has a website, we have the ability to make it far superior than what it is. If you do not have a property website yet, we can design one for you that is just out of this world!

The website designing service from MATEL Software is an exclusive one for the hotel and travel industry. Backed by the most skilled designers from our partner eZee Technosys, we provide website designing services that can set your property apart from your competitors in the internet world.

Each website designed by our designers meets and often exceeds the latest web standards in terms of design quality and the technologies used. We understand that the internet is a fast evolving world and holding the attention of customers is not an easy task. At the same time, our designers also know the importance and appeal of simplicity and effective usage of design elements. This gives us a definite edge when it comes to website designing.

Our website designing service encompass all aspects of a portal right from choosing and booking that perfect domain name for your hotel, to sourcing an exceptional hosting package, creating astounding design templates that perfect portray your property, and developing crisply written content that immediately grips the reader.

With our website designing service, we aim to do more than just create a website for you… we endeavor to design a portal that takes your property from local to international levels and opens up new avenues of business that you have never even considered before.