GST Ready Hotel Software

How GST affects the hotel industry in Malaysia?

GST in Malaysia is scheduled to be implemented in April 2015. GST is a tax on the business transaction - Sale, Purchase and Expenses. It is very important that the hotels, hotel chains, motels, hostels, resorts and other properties using property management system for their operations have a hotel software that is GST compliant.

Why is it important to have a GST ready hotel software?

Just like every other businesses, hotels are required to submit their GST returns on monthly or quarterly basis. This makes it very important for hoteliers to use a GST Ready Software which not only captures the transactions with accurate GST rates but also reflect the same in various reports.

How can eZee help?

eZee specializes in developing solutions for the hospitality industry and since the announcement of GST, our staff have been hard at work to fully understand the scope of GST and making sure that our software complies.

  • Our solutions are GST ready, meaning that you do not have to worry about anything related to GST.
  • eZee hotel software will make operations quicker and more straightforward simplifying your operations.
  • As a software provider, we have experts in place for answering any questions you may have regarding GST regulations.
  • GST is based on transactions, our software will accurately calculate GST for Reciepts/Folio, Tax Invoice and GAF (Audit Reports).
  • eZee products ensure that the various reports generated in the system match the accounting systems, making it for businesses to be evaluated easily and saves time.

Impact of the GST in Hospitality Industry

The GST Course on goods and services tax (GST) for hotels in Malaysia include;

  • Tax Invoice
  • Advanced payment
  • Deposit
  • Extra Charge
  • Time share program
    • Room Package
  • Complimentary rooms
    • Business use
    • Private use

    Royal Malaysia Customs conducts periodic audits to ensure that tax returns are being prepared correctly by various businesses. Businesses are required to have a clear reports breaking down business transactions.