eZee Foodie

eZee Foodie is the complete online-food ordering system for restaurants and home-delivery service outlets. With a unique, easy-to-use web interface, eZee Foodie makes online food ordering and its management as easy as 1-2-3.

eZee Foodie has a unique and intuitive online food tracking system that makes misplaced food orders, delays, and cancellations a thing of the past. Foodie is fully compatible with most restaurant management software currently available and can also be quickly and easily integrated into any restaurant or food joint website. It is so easy to implement that you can be up and running, accepting orders from the internet within a few hours.

eZee Foodie works with almost any type of food establishment, whether it is a full-fledged restaurant, a cash and carry deli, a street-side café, or a fast food joint. The software utility has been designed to attract and retain customers and turn them into regular ones right from the first order they place. A complete customer tracking system lets both you and your customers track what orders they have placed and when. They even have the option of creating a preferred or favorites menu.

Using state-of-the-art security measures, eZee Foodie also makes payment processing quick and secure. Single screen tracking of customers’ orders and feedback, and also the status of orders in your kitchen means you no longer need to run around managing three different areas while also keeping track of your eat-in customers.

eZee Foodie can easily add those stars to your restaurant or home-delivery outlet!

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